Give your living room a modern boho makeover that's easy and affordable

The modern boho look is a great playful, eclectic and approachable style for a living room. The style allows for the flexibility to mix a variety of colors, patterns and textures. Below is our modern boho living room inspiration board. Whether your space needs a style update or an entire design overhaul, our e-design consult can come to your rescue 🙌🏼! Message us to learn more about our services 💙.


Couch: West Elm

Side Tables: Design Within Reach

Coffee Table: Design Within Reach

Chairs: Anthropologie

Pillows: Block Shop

Moon Phase Pillow: General Store Venice

Book: Kinfolk

Rug: Target

Prints: CB2

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KSDesigns llc throw pillow  home decor Memorial weekend sale.png

Create a high-end velvet look in your home on a budget

At KSDesigns llc, clients come to us for design solutions on a wide range of budgets. Our goal is to help our clients create a look that fits their lifestyle and their budget. You don’t have to spend a lot to achieve the look you’ve been dreaming about. One of our favorite fabrics to work with is velvet. Decorating with velvet can give your space an effortlessly luxurious vibe. What’s great about this lush, textured fabric is that a little really goes a long way in creating visual interest in a room. With so many retailers to choose from, it’s easy to find velvet pieces to fit any budget. We put together a “shop this velvet look” guide” to demonstrate how you can create a luxurious look that is fun and affordable.

Our inspiration guide comes from comedy writer and author Laura Lane’s home that was featured in Domino Magazine (image on the left side). The emerald velvet bench used in her home provides a bold focal point for the bright, eclectic and fun entry way."

You can add an unexpected pop of color using velvet with the budget-friendly items we listed on the right side of the image.

  1. Top right- tufted navy blue velvet pouf from CB2- $149

  2. Center right - Rose Chloe velvet arm chair from Urban Outfitters- $229

  3. Bottom right- Emerald green bench from - $175

We hope you enjoyed this guide!

xoxo- Keira Schutz

Domino mag emerald velvet bench entry way jpg

How to decorate your home with velvet this fall season

Often used by European royalty and nobility during the 16th + 17th centuries, velvet is a timeless fabric that is synonymous with luxury. There are many ways to decorate with this lush fabric. One of our favorite ways to incorporate velvet in the home is through the use of throw pillows. Updating decor in your bedroom with throw pillows is an easy way to accessorize your space. In this particular cool, neutral room we added rose velvet throw pillows to add a warm focal point on the bed. There are many reasons why we love velvet, it adds depth and texture, rich color and effortlessly mixes well with other textiles. We firmly believe that home decor should be beautiful, approachable and best of all— functional.

Three Natural Benefits of Palo Santo

One of our favorite melt the stress away secrets is burning Palo Santo, which is wood from a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. Related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal, in Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood.” It is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. Palo Santo has many great natural uses.

1. Many swear by the healing properties of the wood that have been known to ease stress, anxiety and headaches. The scent turns on the body's relaxation responses.

2. The mystical wood is also used to cleanse spaces and clear negative energy. If you've just moved into a new home or are looking for a housewarming gift, Palo Santo is a thoughtful gift that's easy to use and loved by many.

3. As we've entered summer, another well-known benefit of burning Palo Santo is that it's a natural insect repellent. If you're looking to sit outdoors on a warm evening or having guests over, place a couple of sticks in a ceramic dish and light them throughout the evening. The scent will uplift your guests' senses, while warding off annoying bugs!

One of our favorite ways to burn Palo Santo is to place it in a ceramic vessel and pack black sand around the stick to prop it it up. Light the stick for a few seconds until you see it catch the flame. Once you see the stick burn, blow it out and let the fragrant smoke fill the room. A little goes a long way with Palo Santo and each stick has many hours of burn time. Our Palo Santo bundles come in a variety of hand-dyed tasseled pouches that are great to repurpose and can be used to store jewelry, cosmetics or any other trinkets. 

ksdesigns llc palo santo  bundle
ksdesigns llc palo santo bundle

Decorating your home with mud cloth pillows

Everywhere you look, we are surrounded with textiles. Mixing and matching fabrics, colors and textures is a great way to express your personal style in your space. One of our favorite textiles to decorate with is mud cloth. The centuries-old, hand-dyed textile art originated in West Africa with the women of Mali’s Bamana culture, according to the Smithsonian. With its bold and geometric shapes, mud cloth is a fun fabric that's easy to mix with various colors and textures to create great visual interest. The decorative pillow works great on a sofa mixed with other pieces and also works well as a standalone piece on an arm chair. Our "Diamond Dash" mud cloth pillow is paired with a lavender velvet back that's edgy with a luxurious and feminine touch of velvet.

KSDesigns llc "Diamond Dash" mud cloth decorative pillow with lavender velvet back.